Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Eating Plan

I really think I have the perfect job. I teach fitness classes – as I type this I’m up to 5 hours per week. Crazy, right? The only other perfect jobs for me would be spending other people’s money, interviewing celebrities or working for Etalk or Entertainment Tonight – call me, I’m available :)

I never seem to be happy with my body. Don’t get me wrong. I’m fit – I just would love to be more fit. Make sense? Like everyone, I have trouble areas. I’d love to move some of my butt fat to my boobs. I’d love to reduce the size of my stomach and make it more defined with a six-pack.

For those that know me personally, you’re probably all like, shut up. You have a great body. But let’s be real – no one is ever satisfied completely. Everyone has at least one area on their body they like to keep covered up. I’m no different.

This has led to lots of discussions with The Husband on diet. I love sweets, any kind of chocolate and wine (or beer in the summer). When I eat or drink the above, I BLOAT. Kiss any hope of a flat stomach goodbye.

Recently my brother’s girlfriend (hopefully sister-in-law soon), was having some skin issues. She went to a naturopathic doctor who told her to basically start her diet from scratch – giving up wheat, dairy, sweets, etc. Aside from the skin improvements, she looks like a million bucks. She dropped over 10 pounds (not that she was big to begin with) but she has such a flat stomach now – I have stomach envy.

Now, I have no interest in losing any weight. That would be ridiculous. What I do want to do is lose the BLOAT.

The Husband and I have basically cut down on almost all of our carb intake. We rarely eat bread, crackers, rice, etc… now. It takes some getting used to. I had headaches at first – my body was probably going through some withdrawl but it’s totally do-able.

How do we do it? Well I use lettuce as wraps instead. Or I make some tuna or egg salad sandwich on top of lettuce. Or we eat some apples and PB with some cheese and nuts for lunch.

For dinners, I opt for only veggies, salad and a meat or fish. I still serve the Angels potatoes or rice on the side. If we do feel like carbing-off, I will make a pasta dish from spelt flour. I think it’s less processed, therefore less toxic in the body.

Because really – what is bloat – it’s your body’s reaction to what you are eating. The body doesn’t always agree with dairy, carbs or sugar.

The Husband wants to go diet-crazy and avoid everything for overall health reasons. I’m not that ambitious. I refuse to give up cheese and alcohol. I just love them way too much, especially cheese.

So I’m moderating what I eat. I’ll keep you posted on how the belly bloat goes…

Simply Yours,

PS – I’m thinking after my one-year blogo-versary, I may have one post a week dedicated to fitness, wellness tips. All this thanks to a friend’s idea :)


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Beth-Anne June 21, 2012 at 4:47 pm

Looking forward to the fitness posts!!!!! A request . . . some great ab routines???


vanessa June 21, 2012 at 5:36 pm

You got it. Stay tuned for Workout Wednesday…coming in July!


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