Thursday, June 14, 2012

Look of the Week – Week keeps coming…

Well hello again (I almost typed WELLO – that’s actually more efficient). So wello there.

Here’s another look for you. You like?

I got tons of compliments the day I wore this dress. I love the hi-lo style. Works great on a shortie like me. I was worried I would have to shorten the back – but no.

This dress was one of my Forever21 birthday buys. Super cute, super affordable and super duper comfy. I’ve paried it with an old necklace and my havaianas. The bracelets are a hodge podge of cheap stuff I’ve collected over the years. I love cheap accessories.

I’m beginning to think I should become a spokesperson for F21. I certainly buy enough of their product and talk about it ad-nauseam.

Please note in one of the photos, I am attempting a twirl. Can I just say – it doesn’t work. My foot got stuck in the deck every time I attempted this fancy photo. In one outtake The Husband managed to get the twirl but all you could see was my ASS. I will spare you the shot :)

One day left for the Look of the Week – Week. Have you been counting down?

Simply Yours,


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