Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Look of the Week – Week…again

Another day, another look.

Here is today’s look of the day. I LOVE these pants. They are so comfortable, I could live in them. I love the hint of sparkle in my tank top. I love when the light hits it at just the right angle casting a beautiful shimmer.

I’m a glitter girl through and through!

All clothing & necklace worn today is from Forever21. No shocker there. I always buy clothing from them. The watch is from Target. My flip flops or “thongs” as they are referred to in Australia are Havaianas. They are way old and I’m do for a new pair. I slip and slide in them when the ground is wet.

Funny story about these shoes. They accompanied me to Australia back in 2008 with my synchro gals. I was in line to go in a bar for a girls party night out. I was wearing these shoes. The bouncer looks at me and says, “No thongs allowed”. I was shocked. I said to my girlfiend in a somewhat of a whisper, “How does he know what underwear I am wearing?” Clearly I wasn’t quiet enough because he just smiled and pointed to my feet. Tee Hee! I learned something new that night. Had to go home and change my footwear. Good thing I did. Everyone was stepping on everyone’s feet all night long :)

Also please ignore the MASSIVE zit on my forehead. I have no idea what’s going on with my skin lately. Break out city. I was telling my mom recently that I feel like I’m going through a mixture of puberty and menopause. I’ve coined it PUBERPAUSE:)

Have a great one!

Simply Yours,


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