Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Look of the Week – Week Continues….

We meet again.

Here is today’s featured look. I love it. Sucks for me – the pictures don’t capture how cute the look really is.

For some reason, I look about 2 feet tall in the photos. Seriously – I know I’m short but come on. It’s almost pint size.

I bought this billowy top from Forever21. It has cute little butterflies all over it in a burnt orange shade. Super cute, however, if not worn properly, it could look like I’m expecting…that’s not the look I was going for!! I love the pocket detailing on the shirt.

The cargo pants are old from Citizens of Humanity. They’ve stretched a lot. I’m constantly having to pull them up.

I love how my booties match the orange from my shirt. The boots are from Urban Planet. My shades are mega old from H&M.

I don’t know what I was thinking in the photo with the leaf. I was trying to play all cutesy – like – hide and go seek. I had to share my stupidity for kicks.

Simply Yours,


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