Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Favourites: True Blood

Happy Friday! Do you know what weekend’s bring for me now? True Blood. That’s right baby, my show is back on the air.

It doesn’t get any better on Sunday night than watching the lovely Jason Stackhouse. Damn that man is ripped. He’s so good looking. I swear there is not one ounce of body fat on that man. LOVE.HIM. Drool! His real name is Ryan Kwanten. I know this because I googled him many times over. I even follow him on Twitter. Not that he posts much or that he gives a rats’ ass about me…but it’s fun to pretend we’re friends.

My friends and I all have our favourite guys on the show. Some like Eric, some like Alcide but me…it’s all about the Stackhouse. I’ve decided I like my men – pretty :)

So far so good this season. It’s still early days but I’m hoping they continue like this. Last season got all weird and diluted with the fairy storyline and the werewolves, etc… It drove me nuts. In fact, I almost gave up on the show.

I missed the main cast; Sookie, Bill, Jason, Tara, Sam, and Lafayette. I mustn’t forget Pam & Jessica. I think they both do an awesome job. Last season there was too much going on and not enough screen time for my man. Get rid of Terry and Arlene already. I can’t stand their storyline. Nothing against the actors. I just find Arlene so whiny. Stop it already!

BTW – I loved all the nakedness in the season premiere, you? Keep it coming. Bring True Blood back to its roots. This show should be about vampires and the vampire world only.

Enjoy your weekend.

Simply Yours,


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