Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cute Hairstyles

I totally have to plug Mindy from CuteGirlHairstyles. She has the most amazing YouTube channel. If you have little girls with long hair, you must check her out.

In every YouTube video, Mindy manages to teach me how to style the Angels’ hair so creatively in styles that I would never have thought possible to do.

The videos are nothing fancy. They are straight up how-to tutorials. She is super easy to follow. She breaks things down amazingly and she teaches awesome techniques.

This all started one night a while back when Angel # 1 insisted we watch YouTube videos on how to style her hair. She’s watching me all the time on the computer – I guess that’s where she got the idea. So I accidentally stumbled on CuteGirlHairstyles. So happy I did. Now, I’ve got the site bookmarked.

Angel #1 and I check back often for new styles to try out on her hair. I’ve even tried some on my own hair. So fun. I’ve included some pictures of Angel 1′s hair after trying out some new techniques.

The best part, I actually get to run a brush through the child’s hair :) Believe it or not, you can curl hair with men’s socks. I tried it on Angel #1. She slept in them and then we took them out in the morning. She had UNBELIEVABLE curls in her hair. Stunning. She naturally freaked out because curls bounce up and make her hair look short – whatever. Give them a try – they work!!

Having little girls can be so much fun – SOMETIMES – minus the drama :)

Sock head the night before....

...morning after socks out...so many attempts to brush the curl away.

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