Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vichy Bronzer Review

I had an event to go to a couple of weeks ago. I was wearing a lace ivory dress. Before the event, I had to give myself a quick tan. I didn’t want to look all pasty white in the dress and completely washed out.

So I went to the drugstore and bought Vichy Capital Soleil Auto Bronzant Tanner. Wow – does this stuff really work.

It’s not cheap. A small bottle cost me a mere $25. However, you don’t need a lot. A little goes a long way. It spreads very nicely on the body. The smell is nice. I’ve read some people don’t like it – it doesn’t bother me.

Within a few hours I had a nice and natural bronzed glow. I love that sunkissed look. I applied it again a couple more times to achieve a darker more desired look and BAM – I had the look I was wanting.

I used the Vichy Tanner on my body and face. Don’t worry – when used correctly – you won’t turn an orange hue. You must blend it into the skin like a moisturizer so it doesn’t leave streaks. The colour will last a few days and won’t rub off on your white towel (like some tanners in the past have done to me :() .

Word of caution though, be sure to use the product sparingly by your elbows, ankles, feet, neck and fingers. For some reason, it’s difficult to blend in those spots and they can end up looking uneven. Also, wash your hands (especially the heel of your palm) with soap and water after application.

I love the overall colour and look of this product. When in a pinch – this is a great solution or alternative to sun / tanning beds.

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