Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Favourites: The Killing

Happy Friday all! Any exciting plans in store for you this weekend? Not sure how the weather will shape up. Let’s pray for sunshine and warm temperatures.

If not, you can always stay in and catch up on a good read or check out a TV show called The Killing.

Yes – the title of the show is rather off-putting. To be honest, I almost had to turn the series off after 2 episodes. I find the subject matter to be very dark, scary and a little too close to home.

The Killing is a crime series. The first two seasons explore the disappearance and death of a teenage girl. We see how her death impacts the family, the community and the detectives trying to solve the murder.

The acting is outstanding. The Husband and I have to keep watching the second season (they are part way through it). We need to find out who killed the young girl.

There are major plot twists in every episode that leave you hanging. Just when you think they’ve solved the case – the show will go in another direction. Trust me – you will long for the next episode because they are so addictive.

Have you watched The Killing?

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