Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Before & After

I feel so bad for the Husband (not really) but lately I’ve been working him like a dog with home improvement projects.

This past Mother’s Day, he spent over 15 hours fixing up the stairs outside our house. These stairs lead up to the front door. They have been ugly concrete forever.

It was too expensive to have them covered in flagstone or resurfaced entirely. So I was looking at alternative solutions to give my house more curb appeal.

We bought this product called Stone Effects. We spent a little less than $400 to fix it up – but damn – a WHOLE LOT OF HOURS. The ads claim the project is quick and easy – BULLS$&T. It’s slow and painful.

I made multiple trips to the Home Depot to buy more and more product. They lie on the container – you need double the square footage of what is recommended.

I was bugging the Husband for days leading up to the project. I checked the weather forecast beforehand and all looked clear.

Saturday morning, the Husband goes outside to wash, and prime the stairs. Around 3pm in the afternoon, I suggest that he goes out to apply the first coat of concrete rock textured plaster. Next thing I know it’s nearly 9pm.

I re-check the forecast and crap – rain. Yup. The Husband and I managed to cover the stairs with a tarp. Needless to say – he wasn’t very happy with me. Hell – I can’t control the weather :)

The next day, I decided to join forces with my man. We spent another bunch of hours on the second coat. Finally, he sealed it after the weekend.

I LOVE the way it looks. I’m pissed because apparently the product won’t hold up well. I’d NEVER do it again!! I’d say the Husband agrees with me on that one!

This past weekend (as in my birthday weekend) I had another project in store for the Husband. He’s really starting to hate me :) We re-stained the front door a dark walnut colour. OMG. It looks freakin’ amazing. Quick photo here –>

Do I have a story with this mis-adventure. First thing in the morning, the Husband decides to take the front door off its’ hinges and bring it outside to sand. He wanted to spare me from having to clean my entire house to rid it of mess. Points for that! But then – he tells me to help him carry the “solid oak door with window panel inset” down 12 stairs. Are you freakin’ kidding me? I’m strong. Really I’m strong. But not INCREDIBLE HULK strong.

Jesus bloody murphy. I was so worried I would drop the door down our newly finished concrete steps. I could barely lift the thing. You know what he does? He starts yelling at me in the street – “Come on lift – try harder – stop being a wimp”. Finally some nice random stranger came over and helped him get the door down.

We spent ALL day (and by ALL day, I really mean it) sanding the door down. I told the Husband he would have to recruit our nice male neighbour to help him put the door back on.

The Husband finished the door up by staining it on Sunday. Again, this took all day. Our house really stinks at the moment. But damn – the door looks fine!

Home projects always seem like a great idea in my head when I think of them. They are never ever as easy as I think they will be.

And yes – I’ve come up with more projects for us to tackle down the road. Hopefully (fingers crossed), next spring we will change the colour of our window box and garage. Again – HOPEFULLY!!

Check it out the photos for yourselves (note they don’t include newly stained front door). Here are some before and after shots.




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