Wednesday, May 30, 2012

All At Once

Why does everything have to break at the same time? Does this happen to you? The Husband was having a melt down the other day because we are having to spend so much money replacing things – ALL.AT.ONCE.

Our BBQ crapped out a while back. We were pushing it as long as we could. So I went out and bought a new Coleman BBQ.

Next our dryer was on the fritz. It would squeal so loud when in use. The dryer is also on the same floor as the bedrooms – so no nighttime laundry action for us.

So the Husband did some research and voila – he knew how to fix it. He went out and bought a new part, disassembled it and re-assembled. Perfection – working perfectly and we spent a total of $50. Or so we thought…

I was pulling wash out of the machine and noticed some serious oil marks all OVER our clothing (sheets, towels, shirts, etc…) This stuff does NOT come out.

So off we trek to FutureShop and drop more $ on a new washer and dryer. Frigg!! We bought a Samsung combo. They are stackable – they’d better work and be quiet :) An expensive – non exciting purchase but a total necessity.

Next up – our Apple timecapsule has gone wacko. This capsule is a backup for all our pictures, movies, etc… It was under warranty for one year. Guess when it decided to break? Can you guess? Three weeks after our warranty expired. The Husband went to the Apple Store and they will honour the warranty. Lucky for us!

Lastly, Angel #2 broke her blinds the other night. She pulled off the handle that opens them. Like – completely pulled it off. I have no idea what she was doing. She was supposed to be sleeping. She says she just wanted to look out the window. Ugh!! Temporary solution in place.

Small potatoes, I know. But REALLY! It never rains but pours. CHA-CHING!!

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The Husband May 31, 2012 at 11:42 am

The worst part is spending 50 bucks to fix the dryer, telling everyone how pleased I was with the fix and then having the damn washer break the very next week! And you can’t replace only the washer since they stack with a custom stacking kit.


And the time capsule … Lucky Apple was cool about it. Love them.


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