Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Change Up

I don’t know about you but I generally change my purse with the start of every new season. I was looking at all my purses thinking I didn’t own very many. How wrong I was!!

By the looks of the photos below, you will see a common trend with my purses. Most of them are BLACK, if not all of them. I have one grey purse which I am using right now.

I always laugh at big purses. They are amazing but really – you store way too much in them. I end up keeping kids’ toys, snacks, kleenex, hand sanitizers, etc… Then the purse just feels ridiculously heavy!

In the winter months, I am partial to an over-the-shoulder purse. It’s easy to deal with mitts, car keys, and having your hands free for the kids.

During the spring and summer, I don’t mind a smaller on-the-shoulder purse.

I seem to have a thing for Coach purses. Although, all of them were donated to me. I’ve never bought anything for myself at the Coach store. Sadly :( I find a ton that I love. I just can’t seem to hand over my visa to pay for the damn thing. I also own purses as shown below from Forever21, Roots, and Claire’s. I’m always on the hunt for a bargain.

I’m really in need of a bright, cheerful purse. I’m thinking a cute neon clutch is in order. Although, a clutch is not at all practical for a mother on the go :) Bummer!

Do you like changing up your purses? I always find tons of crap in my purses, like leftover gum wrappers, receipts, loose change etc… For once, I’d love to open my purse and find like $100 missing dollars or something. How great would that be :)

Love to hear from you!

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