Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Say It Ain’t So…

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Say it ain’t so….the Angels won’t be synchro stars in my near future. A couple of weeks back, I took the Angels to try out synchronized swimming for the very first time. It had only taken me a year to convince them to give it a try. Finally they agreed.

So we ventured out to the club to practice where I swim at the Masters’ level. They allowed us a free one-time trial. They run an incredible program. For those interested comment below and I can give you more specifics via email about the synchro club.

The Angels were divided based on their ages and competency in the pool. Angel #2′s practice was 2 hours. One hour on land warming up and then 1 hour in the water learning to swim. She was all smiles the entire time. By 8 pm she was wiped. She asked to go to the changeroom to put on her PJ’s.

There was more in store for Angel #1 however. Unbeknownst to me, they placed Angel #1 in with the competitive 10 and under team. Her practice lasted 3 hours. One hour spent on land running the track, doing sprints, and synchro specific land-drills. She then jumped into the pool for 2 straight hours. She started with laps. Angel # 1 did 8 in total. I was watching closely worried she might drown from exhaustion but she held her own.

Next Angel # 1 went on to do synchro specific skills, etc… She did NOT smile once. She kept up really well and was very determined. But her face, oh man, she had the “mom I’m gonna kill you” face on.

The head of the club was already planning Angel # 1′s synchro future, competitions and all. The entire night I had visions of The Husband and I being synchro parents, sitting on a hot pool deck supporting our daughters. I was essentially reliving my childhood. The girls looked so adorable in their bathing caps and goggles.

That quickly came to a halt once I found out that the 10 and under team practice 3 times a week for a total of 8 hours. Wowza!! That’s a lot. Honestly, I just feel the Angels are too young to be committed to a full-time extra curricular activity. It’s too much too young.

To each his own. Every parent has a different philosophy. I just feel there’s time later for the Angels to get really involved in a sport. Which they will – rest assured – it’s good way for them to stay out of trouble :)

For now, I feel like the girls just need to be kids. Angel # 1 has to concentrate all day long in school. The last thing she wants is to commit 8 hours of more concentration throughout the week. I think she initially thought she would just get to be her free-spirit self and just play mermaid in the pool. None of us were prepared for how intense the program actually is. To the club’s credit, it’s a kick ass program.

Once all was said and done, we got in the car with a snack in hand to take the Angels’ home. The first thing out of their mouths, “MOM DON’T EVER SIGN ME UP FOR SYNCHRO AGAIN”. Both of them – in stereo!

I had to laugh. They were tired, it was late and it was their first time. All in all they impressed the you know what out of me.

Yes, I’m a little sad. My dreams quickly died. Sniff! Sniff! But I remind myself, they are my dreams not the Angels’. So maybe we give it a try again in a couple of years, and maybe not. I’m just super proud them for doing their best. What more can a mom ask for !?!

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Joy April 18, 2012 at 12:18 am

Synchro to keep the girls out of trouble? Did that work for us?!?


vanessa April 18, 2012 at 1:43 am

So true Joy. So very true!!


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