Monday, April 23, 2012

Look (s) of the Week

We meet yet again. Two weeks in a row you are getting 2 looks for the look of the week. I seem to have a backlog of photos. It’s always fun to share!

I love this first look. I think it’s very rocker chic with some glitter thrown in for good measure. You can never have enough glitter! I love me my bling.

The leggings are from a boutique shop down the street from me. I adore them. They have nice detailed pockets, etc…. They look like a very dressed up stretch pant. And, they are super duper comfortable. The jacket is from Fairweather. (Is this store even in business anymore?) I bought it a couple of years ago when leather bomber jackets were all the rage. This one is not leather but rather leatherette. Don’t care! I love it. So glad I didn’t go with the bomber and opted for a different style. I think it is right on point for this season.

I’ve also paired this look with my glitter top from Forever21. I can’t get enough of this top. I think the earrings are tres adorable. They are little owls. Hoot! I bought these suckers from Ardene. As well as the nail polish in Pink Neon. They are playful and on trend as well. Boots – well – again another Payless score (super old). Sunnies from H&M.

Overall, I just love the layered look of this outfit. You be the judge!

The second look for this week was inspired by Angel #1. I was actually shopping through her closet. Pathetic, right!?! I remembered she received a hand-me-down white sweater. It was way too big so I put it away for later. I started to think that I would fit into said sweater. So, I stole it from her. She has no idea. I think it’s great. I love the fit, the colour and the texture.

The boots are from Urban Planet. I’m wearing an infinity scarf from Claire’s. Again, the jeans are Rich & Skinny.

I will only be able to shop in the Angel’s closet for so long. Before long, the two of them will be in my closet. They are catching up to me in height!

Simply Yours,


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