Monday, April 2, 2012

Look of the Week

I hope you all had a spectacular weekend. Can’t believe it’s April already. I just want to get out in my garden and start planting. I won’t. I’ll wait. But I’m lovin’ seeing all the green out there.

Speaking of green. I’ve been obsessing over green jeans for a while and bought a pair at Urban Planet. I love them. People have asked me if they are J Brand Jeans. Nope – I guess they are a great dupe. And, I only paid $24.99.

Today’s outfit post is really for a good laugh. Below you will see me sporting my ever loved green jeans in the most hideous fashion. I’m talking this is an EPIC look of the week fail. I feel like I’m playing cowboy getting ready to go to the hoe-down. Seriously – what was I thinking!?!

Can you believe that I actually left my house wearing this? I know, right? The best part, I get to share it with you my readers. Sometimes I think personal blogging can seem a bit narcissistic. This is to show you that I don’t take myself too seriously. That I like to poke fun at myself and that I can have an off-fashion day too.

Go ahead and laugh. You win some – you lose some. I’m clearly losing in these shots.

Jean Shirt, Purse, Vest - Forever21

Love the rip detailing in jeans. Boots - Urban Planet - super comfortable.

Love my Forever21 pearl BIB necklace.

See you tomorrow!

Simply Yours,


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