Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kissable Lips

Spring is in the air. Perfect time for pink lips. I’m loving all the bright colours this spring. Why not wear bright lipstick.

I have a lot of lipgloss. I like MAC, Juicy Tubes by Lancome and Revlon. In fact, lately I’ve purchased a couple new Revlon colours and a Rimmel lipstick.

I bought this lip plumper in Target when I was in Florida. I don’t know if it makes my lips look fuller. It definitely gives them a little tingle.

As you can see in the photo below, my colours are pretty tame.

Should I try red? Seems very daring and out of character for me…do I wait until Winter?

A friend of mine (thanks, S) mentioned some cool new lipstick brands to try including L’Oreal. She also gave me a list of other awesome make-up products to try out that were recommended to her by a make-up artist.

What’s on your lips lately? Are they kissable? The irony for me is that once I apply lipstick, I won’t kiss the Husband. Go Figure!

Pretty dish purchased at the Dollarama for a whopping $2.

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