Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Birthday Bash

Thought I would share with you a recap of Angel # 2′s birthday celebration. Angel # 2 recently turned 5. She’s no longer a baby. She even looks different. Although she’s hanging on to baby status for as long as she can milk it.

Angel # 2 knew exactly how she wanted to celebrate her birthday. I really didn’t have to do anything. She told me she wanted to invite all the girls in her class – great! Next, she wanted to have a “Rock Star” themed party. Um? I had to figure out how to deliver that one!

She told me she wanted a pinata, candies, a birthday cake with multiple layers and different flavours.

So we had a successful dance party in our basement with microphones, music videos and glow sticks. The girls loved it. I’m happy to report they told their parents how much fun they had and how silly Angel # 2′s daddy is :)

I made the cake Angel # 2 asked for. I was very pleased with it. Then I screwed it up by adding some chocolate sprinkles to the top. It ended up looking like mouse poop on the cake – evidence below. Oops! Okay so no, I won’t be winning any cake decorating awards anytime soon.

The Husband was responsible for making the pinata. Initially we planned to make a guitar. Then we couldn’t figure out how to do that, so we opted for a disco ball. In the end, the pinata turned out looking like a wasps nest. I hope the kids don’t go swatting wasps nests this summer thinking that candy will fall out.

The girls all got to design their own “Rock Star” t-shirts. This was rather ambitious on my part, letting the girls paint in my house. But – disaster averted. All went well.

As much as I’m exhausted by the end of a kids’ party, I actually love doing them. I want to hold on to the “home” parties as long as possible. The best thing about little kids – they don’t care. They are so easy to please.

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