Thursday, April 5, 2012

Backyard Love

Oh backyard how I’ve missed you. Last summer we were in France so we didn’t get the chance to spend time together. The sun is shining and the warm weather is approaching. I can’t wait to enjoy the summer with you.

I love my backyard. I have a deep lot, lots of grass and a beautiful garden. I never planted any of the perennials. The previous owner took care of all that. I just prune the garden every year and try to improve upon it.

A couple of years ago, The Husband and I had a deck built. This deck is big and fabulous. It really is like we have added another living space. We have an outdoor couch and chairs. We have a fireplace – which we actually have yet to use – we will this summer.

It’s great to sit outside and read a book or drink a glass of wine, or two. I love summer BBQs and nights sitting under the stars.

I’ve also recently purchased some patio accessories to spruce up underneath the deck. The previous owners left us some random plastic green patio chairs. I bought some fun light green and white cushions to go on them from The Real Canadian Superstore no less. They were really inexpensive – $12 each. I also purchased an outdoor area rug to cover up some of the uneven flagstone. That was super cheap at $29. Finally, I bought a small side table so we can put a drink down if needed. I haven’t put anything out yet down below the deck. I will share photos when I do.

I plan on enjoying every minute I can outside this spring and summer. How about you?

This deck was one of the best investments ever. Again old photo!

Underneath the deck will look even better once I add my new accessories to spruce things up.

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