Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ardene Haul

I happened to stop in at my favourite Ardene store recently. I love this particular store which just happens to be located in a not so nice neighbourhood. I find the best gems at this place.

Naturally I didn’t walk away empty-handed. Check out what I bought below – all of it for less than $50. Major score!!

I’ve been wanting new denim cut-off shorts but haven’t found a pair that I’ve liked. I got these ones at Ardene for under $20. They fit nice and loose. I already have a pair of crotch-hugger denim shorts. So these ones will be a nice change. I also bought this fun fedora. I’m so rockin’ this hat this summer.

I love, love, love these owl earrings. Aren’t they super cute? I’m loving all the animal print stuff. I also love these flower studs. I’m still on the hunt for bow earrings.

These 2 rings are adorable. The bird one matches nicely with my bird top. The other says LOVE. They are very dainty.

I’ve never bought nail polish for myself at Ardene before. But I just fell in love with their colours. I especially like the two below. They are bright and cheery and neon. I’ve tried the pink one. It’s awesome. In some light it looks pink and in other in takes on a redish, orange hue. These were a great buy 2 for $6.

Finally, I stopped in at Payless before leaving. I’ve been looking for a wedge sandal that will actually stay on my feet and give me a little height :) I’m all of 5 ft nothing. I came across this pair of AWESOME shoes. They fit and the price was right at $21.99. Cute, right?

It was my lucky day and all purchases were meant to be. That’s how I justify it :)

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