Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Project (s)

Do you ever feel like when your kids bring home a school project, it suddenly becomes YOUR project too?

Before spring break, Angel # 1 had 2 projects to complete. The first one was a procedural writing project. She had to pick a topic or task, complete it and write the how-to steps.

Angel # 1 wanted to bake cookies. I thought this would be a great opportunity for her to use the easy bake oven. Baking the cookies was the exciting part. The rest of the project was like watching paint dry – painstakingly SLOW. It’s not that Angel # 1 didn’t want to work on the project, it’s that I had to sit with her and micro-manage the job, step by step, letter by letter. I couldn’t walk away. I had to help spell EVERY word. Remind her about punctuation, etc… This was all at Angel # 1′s request.

I’m encouraging Angel # 1 to work towards getting better grades (she’d doing well – but we can ALL always do better). So I’ve been suggesting ways to add flair to her work to stand-out and go above and beyond the basic requirements. Angel # 1 didn’t resist and agreed to my suggestion of wearing an apron and passing out the cookies she baked with an oven mitt in class.

I wonder what grade WE will be getting on this assignment?

Angel # 1 was named Star Student that very same week. The kids in class feel it’s an honour to be awarded the title Star Student. I think maybe the wrong message is being sent and received. Star Student meant another home project that is also graded.

Angel # 1 picked her favourite book at the time about Fairies. She had to pick a passage to read about, talk about the main character, the plot and her favourite part of the book and why. This presentation was to be delivered orally in front of the class.

In order to spruce things up, I thought it would be fun to re-create the Fairy House in the story with cardboard. Really – I was using this as an excuse for the Husband to work on the project with Angel # 1. I’m crafty like that:)

Daddy spent all morning working on said house for Angel # 1. He meticulously engineered this Fairy masterpiece. Angel # 1 helped for about 30 minutes then got bored. No surprise there :) She came back to paint the bloody house and requested my help.

The teacher said Angel # 1 did a bang-up job on her presentation and that her reading skills just keep getting better and better.

Does this mean WE got an A?

PS – The house has since been recycled, SHHHH don’t tell anyone :)

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