Thursday, March 15, 2012

Office Details

It’s Thursday and I’ve got another make-over project for you. I’ve been on a roll with all this re-decorating. I didn’t stop at the bedrooms. I moved on to our home office.

Not much of a change in the office with the exception of Angel # 2′s chair and some curtains, plus a new throw pillow. I think the curtains and chair soften the look in the office and make it look a little more whimsical.

The space is small, functional and efficient. Our closet has a series of shelves the Husband built inside for storage. We also have storage in a side hutch and 2 bookcases my Dad built years ago for our old house.

Speaking of storage, the Husband and I for years lived in VERY SMALL spaces. It is only since we moved into our newest house a few years ago, that space hasn’t been an issue. But for some reason, whenever I shop for home items, and supplies I always have storage in the back of my mind. It must be hardwired in there!

Check it out!

Shot of corner / bookcases my Dad talented, he is!!

The curtains help to hide cords / cables. Ever notice in magazines how nothing is plugged in? I think everything should be wireless.

Dining room sideboard I've used in the office instead. This would make a cool desk too - just a little high.

Another shot of the office.

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