Monday, March 12, 2012

Make-Over Madness Week

Angel # 1 has been complaining her bedroom looks too girly for a while now. The Husband and I agreed that if she brought home a good report card, we would re-paint her room and refresh the look. Angel # 1 did very well on her report card. She is making great progress and we are so very pleased with her. So with Spring in mind and my need for a project, I decided to tackle her bedroom first.

Here’s what her room used to look like:

Angel # 1's room before make-over.

As you can see there’s pink and purple. I guess it was starting to look very juvenile, even to her.

Angel # 1 wanted turquoise walls. That’s all the direction I got. So I looked through my Benjamin Moore paint chip set and selected, what I think, is the perfect turquoise.

I stopped at Ikea and was completely inspired by the “bird” fabric as shown in one of the photos. I purchased less than 1 metre of the fabric for $5 and sewed a pillow cover for her bed. I’m becoming quite the Suzie Homemaker, non?

We re-arranged her bedroom furniture – for the third time. I think this will be it. The room is rectangular in shape. I’ve had the hardest time with furniture placement in this space. I think we may have found a winner.

The Husband spent the ENTIRE day painting the walls, re-painting the ceiling white and then helping me put the furniture all back in place. He did a great job. But as always with home reno projects, put him in a pissy mood. I think Angel # 1′s reaction to his hard work made it all worthwhile.

Angel # 1 says, “Mommy designs it all and Daddy does the work”. She got that right!! She also said, “Mommy, you should do this for other people and get money for it”. Tres cute! If only I was that talented.

On a side note, the other day I was at the drugstore and the ladies working the make-up station were convinced I was a television personality on a decorating show. Tres appropriate, n’est ce pas? I still can’t figure out what show they were talking about. But I plan on taking it like a compliment both from the ladies and my Angel.

I think Angel # 1′s bedroom is fit for a growing princess. I think Sarah Richardson would be proud. You be the judge!

Re-positioned furniture

Angel # 1's turquoise walls

Artwork by Angel #1

Pillow inspiration - bird one - I made it!

More artwork from Angel # 1 on her bedside table.

Above the dresser. Love these boxes from Ikea to showcase stuff in.

My attempt at hiding crap...showcasing her beloved stuffies.

Bookshelf that will likely not stay this organized.

Keep coming back this week for more make-over madness!

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