Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Make-Over Madness Continues…

After we finished re-painting and decorating Angel # 1′s bedroom, Angel # 2 decided she too needed to spice up her room.

She no longer likes her apple green walls. However, I am not tired of them – not yet anyway. So I decided to do a quick re-positioning of furniture. I took some out for space saving purposes and added a few of Angel # 1′s “PINK” accessories.

Angel # 2 is tickled pink. I hope this tides her over, at least for now.

You like?

I think I may have a thing for circles and chandeliers!

Framed old wallpaper in a toile pattern that I adore.

Removed a chair from Angel # 2's room and placed dresser beside bed.

Bookshelf moved underneath her mirror. Angel # 2 has a very small bedroom.

Tip: If you tire easily of your decor, try moving furniture around to create an inexpensive new look. Or try updating some throw pillows with new covers. This works wonders!

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