Monday, March 5, 2012

Look of the Week

It’s Monday! Time for my look of the week.

I’ve paired my American Eagle cobalt blue skinny jeans with a black top and blazer. I added some black boots and a scarf to jazz it up. I love this look, even though I look like I should be horseback riding. My bracelet is super old from Claires and so is my scarf. The blazer is REALLY old from either Suzy Shier or Fairweather. I haven’t shopped in either of those stores for years. The boots, well they are cheap suckers from Payless. They mold nicely to my leg but they are so CHEAP, I worry they may fall apart very soon. Oh well! I’ve had them for 4 years now and worn them a plenty.

Do you like?

Indoor photo day - raining outside

Trying to be cute and all model-esque!

Nail colour OPI: Justin Bieber. Hiding my injured finger - the one I almost cut off!

Just because...I love the curls in my hair here.

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