Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Favourites: The Walking Dead

Happy Friday all! The Husband and I have recently started watching The Walking Dead. It’s crazy popular right now.

My mom and brother are huge into the show. We watched 1 episode with them in Florida. When we came home the Husband thought it might be fun to get into. I must add that the Husband never picks our TV programming…so I decided to let him take control of the remote for once and tune in. Who’s kiddin who – I actually still HOLD the remote.

We have finished the entire first and second season. This was all done in about a week and a half. Come on – I know you do it too? It’s like, “Honey, how about 1 more episodes, okay just 1 more”. Our nights have been really late. By late, I mean 11:30pm. That’s late for me. I’m tired :) It’s like I’ve become the walking dead.

Here are my thoughts on The Walking Dead:

This show reminds me so much of LOST. Remember Lost? I loved that show. As bizarre as the premise was, I loved the characters and tuned in week after week to see what happened next. The Walking Dead, much like Lost, deals with a catastrophe. In Lost, they are deserted on an island and must fend for themselves. In The Walking Dead, civilization is being wiped out and they must fend for themselves.

Both of these shows depict people under duress. We watch a small group of characters form alliances, rally for the leadership role, there are hunters and gatherers. It’s about a group of people coming together and using their individual skills to survive and not kill each other. Both shows have flashbacks and a pregnant woman. Throw in some zombies or weird freakish smoke and you have a program.

This is why I feel these two shows are so similar and different.

I loved LOST. I think Matthew Fox is a fox. I thought Sawyer was sexy and conniving. Like the Walking Dead, there was a love triangle between Jack, Sawyer and Kate. I couldn’t wait to watch the series finale.

I can’t say I feel the same about The Walking Dead. Yes – I do keep tuning in to see what happens…so that’s a step in the right direction. I just don’t feel a connection to the characters. I don’t find anyone particularly “pretty” to look at. Which for me is always a big draw. I need to relate on some level to one of the characters so that I can feel emotionally attached to the program. The only time I really felt any emotion (aside from being scared) was when Andrea’s sister died.

Rick and his wife Lori drive me nuts. They are too whiny for me. Get a grip already. I think the only character I really like is Daryl played by Norman Reedus. He’s the guy I’m rooting for. He is a strong player and a very multi-dimensional character. You hate him one minute and then like him the next. That’s the kind of character that I like. He’s very much like Sawyer.

The show is highly gory and graphic. And, I’m not a huge lover of zombies…vampires, yes – zombies – not so much! To the shows credit – the graphics and make-up are out of this world!

I haven’t given up hope. The season 2 finale kind of blew my mind a little. I’ll hang in for season 3. Maybe Rick’s character will grow on me – maybe he will start looking hot the more he becomes a hero / leader – or should I say completely crazy like Shane became. That’s where I see this heading BTW. For now, I’ll hang in and keep watching to find out how these zombies came to be.

Do you watch The Walking Dead? Do you agree with the above analysis? I know – I watch way too much TV:) Can’t help it – I LOVE IT.

Enjoy your weekend.

Simply Yours,


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