Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Florida Haul

I had so much fun shopping in Florida. I definitely got in some great retail therapy. I think I’m good for a while now (operative word being THINK).

I didn’t find the prices to be much lower in the US than Canada. The States definitely has more selection though especially for children. We did manage to score some great deals along the way.

I updated some of my cosmetic supply at Target. They have a great cosmetic section. I purchased some new make-up brushes. I also bought this amazing Garnier BB cream. It acts like a moisturizer, skin perfector and sunscreen all in one. It’s awesome. I won’t be able to use this though in the summer. The colour is too light…I’ll save it for the winter. The dark colour was way too dark. This was a great buy at $11.99. This retails in Canada for $19.99.

I had so much fun shopping at Target. In Ft Myers they had awesome clothing for women. I managed to score this beautiful, flowy bird top that I’ve been wanting for some time now. I also picked up some new PJ’s, a lace top (see other pic) and a white button down top. This top is a James Perse knock-off. I was looking at a James Perse shirt in Saks at Miromar mall. It was originally $144 marked down to $79 plus 30 % off. I would have still payed roughly $50 for this basic white shirt. I got the same thing at Target for $22. Good deal – me thinks!

I can’t get over how much cheaper Essie nail polish is in the States – $2 cheaper. I bought two new shades. They remind me of spring. I also bought my most FAVOURITE purchase yet from Target. My NEW boyfriend watch. I’ve been on the hunt for this bad boy for a long, long time. They sell them at Michael Kors. I’m not willing to spend Michael Kors kind of money. This one cost me a whopping $16.99. I think it’s the perfect dupe.

The Husband got a couple of pairs of new shorts from Guess. They look great on him. He bought some new scandals and shades. I think he walked away a happy camper.

The Angels also did VERY well. They were spoiled by both sets of Grandparents. They were showered with gifts galore. I also bought them some new clothing, bathing suits and shoes at this store called Bealls (pronounced Bells) in Ft Myers. They had a day where most of the Carters clothing line for kids was on sale, anything from 30-60% off plus I had an additional coupon for 15% off. We walked away with some awesome new clothing.

I did buy the Angels these dresses at Target. They spotted them in Ft Lauderdale and I didn’t want to buy them. Then I saw them again in Ft Myers and I caved. Lucky girls! They look adorable in them.

This family is all set for summer. Bring on the sun!

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