Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Florida Bound

We are Florida bound today. I can’t wait. We will be visiting with the in-laws and my parents for 8 days. We miss the family very much.

I plan to spend at least a day shopping. I’m only packing a little bit in each of our 2 suitcases so that I have room to bring stuff home. I especially need to buy kids’ clothing. I hear they have great options for kids. I think I may even buy the next size up for the Angels. Time will tell. I will likely bring the Angels shopping with me. They have a mind of their own when it comes to fashion. They like to mix and match without my help.

I really want to visit a NICE Target. I can’t wait to browse the cosmetic section. I also want to hit a few outlet malls. I think I will leave the Husband home on this expedition. I don’t want him questioning my every purchase and looking over my shoulder at the Visa statement :)

Don’t worry. I have posts planned for the entire time I am away. Be sure to keep checking back. Next week you can look forward to my make-over madness week filled with my home reno projects.

Can't wait to wear my new F21 dress...cheerful colours for spring.

Accessories that may accompany blue F21 dress. BTW - bright neon chains all the rage this spring.

Size 5 shoes, bought last spring from H&M. They fall off my feet. Any tips to keep them on? I have serious shoe lust for these babies. I may have to give them away. Like new!

I’ll report back on how the trip went upon my return.

Happy March-Breaking!

Simply Yours,


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