Thursday, March 1, 2012

AquaFresh White Trays: Review

As mentioned in a previous post, I love WHITE teeth. I whiten mine without fail once a year. I love red wine and coffee. Simple fact, they stain your teeth.

I’ve been a huge supporter of the Crest White Strips. I’ve been using them, like, FOREVER. I think I must of started using them before or right after we got married. A friend of ours is a dentist in the States. He sent us a pack when they were first released on the market to try. I instantly fell in love with the results.

Now, when you walk in a drugstore you are surrounded by so many teeth whitening brands. It’s overwhelming. Not to mention the fact they now have 7 days, 3 days, 1 day, etc…whitening products.

I’ve stayed true to Crest White Strips until recently. I was at my local drugstore and couldn’t find my usual 14 day whitening kit. I usually use the 14 day kit over a 28 day period. You are supposed to use the strips (top / bottom) twice a day. I find this hard on my teeth. My teeth get super irritated so I spread it out. This seems to work.

I decided to try my hand with a new product, AquaFresh White Trays. The reason I bought AquaFresh was because it was on sale for $24.99 at my local store. The price at Amazon is pretty close. Everything else was too expensive.

AquaFresh is a once a day whitening program. The product is in molded, soft trays instead of on strips. And, it’s for 7 days only.

I was apprehensive about using the trays. I wasn’t sure how comfortable they would feel. Why worry – THEY ARE AWESOME.

Place the upper tray on first, followed by the bottom tray. Wait between 30-45 minutes, remove and rinse. You are supposed to see results after 3 days.

Can I tell you? I’ve seen results after 1 day. NO.LIE. SERIOUSLY. I’m so a believer now.

My teeth are sensitive still. The first day I left the trays in for 45 minutes. Too long for me. The rest of the day, it hurt to smile with my teeth showing. So I’ve reduced my tray time down to 30 minutes. Still sensitive – but not as much.

Who cares anyway, short pain for long term beautiful white teeth gain.

I guess I could always invest in some Sensodyne toothpaste :)

Happy Whitening!

Simply Yours,


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