Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring Crush

Pastels are going to be the big thing this spring. As are bright colours like orange, pink and green.

I am so coveting green skinny jeans for the spring. I know, right? How many pairs of coloured jeans does one need to own..doesn’t matter I’m still lusting after these (see below).

I can’t afford to buy the Michael Kors beautiful big gold watch. I think the one below is a pretty good dupe from Forever21. I also LOVE the big chunky gold necklace.

I really need some new make-up brushes. A few of mine are falling apart. It’s high time I updated my make-up bag as well. Did you know you should clean out your make-up after 6 months? You’re supposed to get rid of any liquid make-up after a few months. I obviously don’t do this enough.

Essie – I love your new bright orange nail polish. You would look so fine on my fingers.

I’m in dire need of the right shade of pink lipstick for the spring. Every time I’m in the drugstore, I have many samples drawn all over my hands looking for just the right shade. I’m struggling. Revlon has some rockin’ new colours I’d love to try. I think I might need to bring a girlfriend shopping to get some feedback on lip colour. I could bring the Husband but chances are he would say one of two things: “It looks great, they all look great, can we go now?” Or he would say, “Do you really need another lipstick, how much is this going to cost?”. :)

I love the ankle booty for spring. Perfect to pair with the green skinnies, non?

Polka dots – lusting over anything polka dot right about now.

What are you crushin’ on for the spring?

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