Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Innocence Lost?

A couple of weeks ago, Angel #1 lost her 5th tooth. She loves losing her teeth. She loves losing her teeth so much, I think she pulls them out just so she can get money.

Before she started losing her tooth, the Husband and I were very curious what the going rate was with teeth. I polled people on Facebook. Apparently, the Tooth Fairy gives some kids $2 a tooth and others $20. The Husband and I had to find middle ground. So we agreed that in our house the Tooth Fairy gives $5 for clean teeth and $2 for dirty teeth. This really is a bribe tactic to ensure the Angels brush their teeth religiously, you know to save on dentist bills :)

As of late, the Husband and I have been getting really sloppy with our Tooth Fairy delivery. Once I forgot entirely until first thing in the morning. Angel # 1 came out of her room completely distraught. I managed to sneak in some money and leave the tooth. I explained that she must not have looked hard enough to find the money because it was wedged in between the headboard and mattress. As for the reason the tooth was left behind, I told her the Tooth Fairy must have been in such a rush that she left it behind. We both agreed to leave it out again for the Tooth Fairy the next night for pick-up. Phew! Close call.

Well, we did it again! BUGGER! This time the Husband remembered at 4ish in the morning. He got up and quietly placed the money under her pillow and grabbed the tooth AND CASE. Oh no! We must leave the case behind. So in a mad rush, he quickly slid the empty tooth case under Angel #1′s door. He then proceeded to go the kids’ bathroom and flush the toilet. Ugh! Frack!! He came running back to the bed when he heard Angel #1 opening her door.

Angel #1 stormed into our room and professed that the Tooth Fairy doesn’t exist. She was told by a girl in school that parents are the Tooth Fairy. She knows it was Daddy who put the money under her pillow. BUSTED!

I tell her that every family has a different set of beliefs. In our house, we believe in the magic of the Tooth Fairy. I also played up the fact that we didn’t put the money under her pillow and that I’ve never personally seen the Tooth Fairy. I stressed she only comes when everyone is fast asleep and the reason Daddy got out of bed was because he heard a noise. The Tooth Fairy must have been so startled that she dropped the tooth case at the door on her rush out :)

Angel #1 still didn’t want to believe me. I said it wouldn’t be much fun if she didn’t believe. I also told her that maybe the Tooth Fairy stops coming if you stop believing. I asked her if she likes getting money for her teeth. I also hinted that she must keep believing because she has a younger sister.

It’s important she doesn’t ruin the magic for Angel #2. Seven years old is too young to stop believing in my books. I’m holding on to her innocence as long as I can. Kids grow up way too fast as is. I really hate school for this. Peers can be the worst sometimes – they can spoil the fun.

Yes, yes I know, they figure it out eventually and it’s all apart of growing up. My heart just breaks. Angel # 1 has since retracted that the Tooth Fairy is fake and is playing up just how real she is. I’m not sure who’s benefit she’s doing this for? Her sister, herself or me! For now, I will leave it be.

Simply Yours,


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Marsha February 28, 2012 at 9:16 pm

bad…bad…bad mommy & daddy
but good recovery



Beth-Anne February 29, 2012 at 6:10 pm

Well played!


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