Wednesday, February 15, 2012

He’s A Keeper

I originally had another post planned for today but I was too excited not to share with you what the Husband did for me yesterday.

First things first, I got up super early yesterday to shower and get ready before the Angels got up. It was a serious hair washing day. I turned on the water and stepped in the shower to discover we had no freakin’ hot water. Yes – our watertank was busted and we had to have it serviced. It’s all taken care of now but I would have much preferred not finding out the way I did. That said, this was not a good start to my day. It put me in a pissy mood.


The Husband and I agreed no big purchases this year. I know to some Valentine’s Day is an over-rated holiday designed to get us to spend money. I get it!

(I had a dinner party on the weekend, so I bought myself flowers in advance of this day and thanked the Husband for buying them for me :) I’m clever like that!)

But for us, this happens to be a special day as it marks another year together. We celebrate our relationship milestones twice a year, once on Valentine’s Day and once on our wedding anniversary.

I came home from teaching a fitness class yesterday to find a wonderful letter written by the Husband to me. It is personal but I thought it was too cute / sweet not to share. I got permission from the hubby to publish it.

I still love Tiffany’s and presents and always will but it’s these homemade gifts that have the most meaning. He wrote this letter all by himself all for me. It’s these moments (fleeting they are) that I cherish. These are the reasons I love him.

He’s a keeper! Enjoy the read!

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I know, right? It’s too sweet. If you’re all gagging right now that’s okay. I say bring on the cheese. He can be cheesy all he wants. Romance is still alive. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines.

Simply Yours,


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