Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Something small for the Angels.

Happy Valentines Day. Do you have something special planned with your sweetheart? Or do you plan on celebrating the day with a good chick flick? I can think of a few great chick flicks…let me know!

Today, the Husband and I are celebrating 16 years together. Can you believe it? Sixteen years ago today, we became an “official” couple. I’m speechless. I feel too young. I can’t believe we have been together almost half my life.

Last year on our 15th “official” anniversary, I begged the Husband to buy me a Tiffany’s necklace. After much humming and hawing, he caved and bought me this beautiful necklace (below).

Anyone know how to clean a Tiffany's necklace?

I’m smart enough to know not to ask for anything this year. I’ll have to wait for another 15 years as I’ve been told. The Husband does not like breaking the bank.

So I think I will open up a bottle of wine tonight (red, of course), put on the fireplace and share some cheese fondue with the hubbie after the Angels have gone to bed. Oh yeah – I must get chocolate!!

Seems romantic, right?

Have a great one!

Simply Yours,


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