Thursday, February 9, 2012

Daddy The Scientist

This past Christmas I bought the Husband a science kit. You know the ones, right? You can get them at your local toy store. They are designed for children – juniors – who like science and want to try experiments in a safe setting.

Well, I bought the gift as a joke. Sometimes the Husband is like a child and he loves science – so I thought it was funny and somewhat appropriate.

We have two beautiful daughters. The Husband never complains but I’m sure deep down somewhere he wishes he also had a boy. I know he loves rough housing, playing tricks and experimenting. He’s lucky that our Angels are also into this.

I thought the science kit was a great way to combine the Husband’s interests with the Angels. The Husband thought the kit was a waste of money…until 3 days were spent creating a volcanic eruption.

I’m so tooting my own horn…I.WAS.SO.RIGHT. Hours of entertainment for both the Husband and the Angels.

The Angels helped their daddy papermache and build the volcano. Once it was ready to erupt, Angel # 2 ran across the room bracing herself. She honestly thought it was going to be a major explosion :) Not so much! See pics for proof. What was even funnier was how impossible it was for the Husband to remove the papermache glued to his arm hairs :) I’m so mean!

The Husband & Angel # 1 papermaching the volcano.

All you need: baking soda, water, vinegar, food colouring...I think that was all.

The big blast....

They still have 2 other experiments to try. Guess this wasn’t a waste of money after-all.

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