Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter Glow

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Do you suffer from dry skin during the winter months? I do, especially around my mouth and nose. I can’t stand it.

I’ve been doing some reading on how to care for your skin throughout the winter. You know, so you can maintain a beautiful winter glow!?! I’d love to maintain my winter tan from Jamaica too – sadly that’s fading fast.

My research suggests the following:

Try eating a lot of foods with fish oil, like salmon, halibut or swordfish. You can also eat tuna, mahi mahi and grouper (in moderation). Try eating fish 2 times a week as it contains the necessary oils for the skin and omega 3 fatty acids. All around good for the body!! This is do-able.

Increase water intake. Water anytime of year is necessary. Not only does water help the skin glow, it helps with weight loss, lowers your risk of heart attacks, gives you more energy, has been known to cure headaches, helps with digestion, cleanses the body, reduces cancer risk and helps keep you hydrated during exercise. These benefits alone should make us drink water regularly. I wouldn’t recommend a fixed amount. Just don’t let yourself get thirsty. Try always carrying around a water bottle.

Reduce caffeine intake. This may prove difficult for me. I NEED 2 cups of coffee everyday. This jumps starts my day. Coffee makes you pee, keeps you alert and naturally, coffee dehydrates you – thus sucking the glow out of our skin. Limiting how much you drink is probably a good idea. This also applies to pop (soda), tea and chocolate.

Always remember to apply sunscreen with SPF. Your skin ages with sun exposure. Discolouration of the skin happens, etc… You want to glow – remember the sun is still harmful in the winter months.

Finally, cleanse the skin morning and night with a sensitive face product. I’m partial to Cetaphil. Follow-up with moisturizer. I like Clarins products.

I must start applying the information above. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll be able to preserve my youthful look as long as possible. Every time I see myself in a photo these days, I can’t believe how much older I look. I think I will stick to just looking in the mirror. Denial works for me :)

Any tips?

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