Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Getting Organized

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Do you ever feel like going away on vacation without your kids is a lot of work? I do. I have so many things to prepare before I can leave my house for the week, sans kids. The Husband and I are leaving for Jamaica at the end of the week for an adult only get-away to an all-inclusive resort.

My parents are coming into town to take care of the Angels while we are playing in the sand. So nice of them! They will be the ones taking the Angels to school and their activites, making lunches and any other every day necessities. Lucky them :)

Here’s what still needs to be done before we can go away (note: this list is not only for you – but really for me):

1) I must write a bible of instructions for my parents. You know you do it too. This bible will include all of the IF / THEN scenarios I can possibly conjure up. This takes time.

2) I must write down detailed and I mean very DETAILED instructions on how to operate our electronics. Otherwise my parents may be faced with no TV for the week and some very, very annoyed Angels.

3) I’m still trying to find someone to sub my fitness class. I always sub for people out of goodwill. Why is it when I need help – no one is available? Something is not right here! Always at the 11th hour someone decides to step up. They’d better!

4) I need to pack. Before I can do that, I need to figure out what it is I want to pack. Picking out the perfect evening outfits is an art form. This takes time, practice and patience.

5) I need to clean my house. My parents will be taking over the master suite. I’d hate to leave nasty dust bunnies for them. You all know how much I love cleaning house – note the sarcasm.

6) Big grocery shop. Yes – I stock the fridge for the sitters. Nothing like coming to babysit and having nothing to feed the Angels. How quickly they become Devils :)

7) Get a manicure and pedicure (my hands and feet must look their best) oh and the dreaded bikini wax!

I’d better jet – so many things left to do – so little time.

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