Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Favourites: Sons of Anarchy

Hello Friday. Hope it’s a happy one for everyone!

I’m officially addicted to Sons of Anarchy. Tell me you’ve heard of the program? I’m going through serious withdrawls right now. It’s my own fault. I thought it was a great idea to watch ALL 4 seasons of the show together – boom, boom, boom. Now I have to wait until season 5 is produced and on the air. That sucks, royally!

Jax Teller, I am missing you. He’s my new celebrity boyfriend. So bad! So hot! Yum! He’s the guy every parent dreads their daughter dating.

The show centres around an outlaw biker club in California. Jax Teller is the main character of the show. He begins to question the club and himself. The stories develop around the members of the motorcycle club and all the bad stuff they do. They are involved in crime, gun trafficking, the drug trade, etc…

The program is fun to watch. There’s action / violence, nudity, drugs, and rock-’n-roll. It’s one of those shows where you find yourself rooting for the bad guys. Even the husbands will get on board with this show. Check it out!

I can’t wait for the next season. Meantime, I’m on the hunt for some new eye candy. I’m thinking Justified with Timothy Olyphant.

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