Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dressed for Success

This could totally be The Husband.

The Husband has asked me to be his official fashion advisor. I was sort of already his fashion advisor but he’s now given me the official title.

Now that The Husband is working from home his casual wardrobe needs a complete overhaul. This is where I step in. No offence to my husband but he doesn’t have a real fashion sense. Never has! I love him anyway.

When he was working in the corporate world, he had an awesome professional wardrobe full of nice dress shirts and custom tailored-made suits. Up until now, he’s never really cared much about what he wears around the house.

I think this may be affecting his work output. It’s important that one dress for success. I had this same epiphany years ago when I got tired of always wearing my “Lulumon” attire day in and day out. It was a step-up from being in my pajamas all day…but I needed to look better in order to feel better.

So with that said, I’m on the hunt for the perfect casual wardrobe at a moderate budget. I think I will start at Winners / Marshalls. I hate these stores. I really find them disorganized and frustrating to shop at. But for the sake of The Husband’s sanity and in order to keep our budget in check, I will suck it up and shop there for him. The Husband will NEVER pay designer prices – but we may just be able to find him some designer labels at an affordable rate.

Here are the key pieces I’d like to add to his wardrobe:

1 (at least) good pair of brand name jeans. I especially like Diesel jeans on men.

1 pair of khaki pants

2 V-neck light-weight sweaters

2 or 3 Polo like shirts

2 or 3 casual button down shirts (one white, one blue and one striped)

1 casual blazer

1 non-athletic looking pair of running shoes

1 pair brown loafers (trendy at the moment for men)

1 thick brown belt

1 scarf

1 murse (man-purse). He will NEVER go for this!

Fingers are crossed! He’d better co-operate – or I may just quit my new job as fashion advisor!

Wish me luck.

Simply Yours,


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Beth-Anne January 24, 2012 at 2:23 pm

Love the suggestions. My husband won’t go for the murse or the scarf, but he’s definitely improving with all other areas.


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