Monday, January 23, 2012

Childhood Resistance

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Angel # 1 is going through a phase at the moment. I call it a “childhood resistance” phase.

She is questioning anything and everything these days. It’s almost as though she doesn’t trust parental authority. Like, mom and dad don’t have a clue or anything…okay, sometimes we don’t :)

Angel # 1 has been resisting her bed-time routine for the last 2 months. She will go to bed at her usual time of 8pm. But she will proceed to stay awake until long after The Husband and I have gone to bed. She’s coming out of her room at least three times a night for no real reason at all.

Her excuses range from, “I have to go to the bathroom”, “I can’t sleep”, “It’s too dark in my room”, to “I’m bored”. The best excuse though is, “I’ve had a bad dream”. The Husband and I laugh at this one and say, “But honey, you haven’t even fallen asleep yet”.

This is the first time we’ve ever gone through anything like this with Angel # 1. She’s always been such an awesome sleeper. We’ve resorted to making her endure an earlier bed-time than Angel # 2 (her younger sister) as a form of punishment for coming out of her room a million times. We’re not sure what else to do.

The child needs sleep. The bags under her eyes are a clear indicator of this. Not to mention, we have to go in and wake her in the morning from a deep sleep.

Aside from the sleep resistance, Angel # 1 is also questioning why we are making her bathe so often. All I can say is, “Do you want to smell bad?”

Clothing is another issue with the child. She insists on wearing summer clothing in the dead of winter. She refuses to wear winter boots (I can’t really blame her on this one – we are lacking in the snow department at the moment – no complaints, here). But her poor toes must be freezing.

All the parenting gurus suggest that you let kids learn from experience. Meaning, if you don’t dress for the weather, you will quickly learn you get cold. THIS. ISN’T. WORKING. Angel #1 isn’t phased by any of this.

I like that she is questioning things. It shows me she will think for herself as she gets older (or that’s my hope). But let me tell you – it’s a fine balancing act as a parent. Major frustration!!

In the grand scheme of things, these issues are small potatoes. As my mom always says, “little children – little problems. Big kids – big problems”. If we are lucky maybe she’s getting it all out of her system early…I said if we are lucky :)

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