Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The List

So I have this on-going list of my celebrity crushes. It rotates, actually, depending on my mood. The Husband is well aware of my list. He’s not really into the whole celebrity thing. In fact, he doesn’t get my obsession at all. He’s not a big film buff, or savvy TV viewer, either. The only list I think he has is when we watch a movie together and he thinks some actress is hot. He will say – she’s on my list….what’s her name? :)

My list is harmless – like I’m ever going to get to meet these celebs anyway. It’s all in good fun and it’s always great to dream :)

Here’s my current list in no particular order:

1) Charlie Hunnam: I remember him from Uncensored a short lived TV series back in the day. So cute! Seriously gorgeous on Sons of Anarchy, which is my new favourite TV show at the moment. He’s totally the good looking bad boy.

2) Ryan Kwanten: Love him from True Blood. He plays a total moron on the show with a delicious body. That Aussie could come and rescue me from vampires any day of the week.

3) Paul Rudd: Oh, Paul how I have loved thee for years. I think this man is SO.FUNNY. I really have no interest in meeting him because I know he would never live up to my expectations in real life.

4) Mark Ruffalo: Such a talented actor. He never gets enough praise. He’s so charming looking. I think he would make a good husband and father.

5) Matt Czuchry: Best TV smirk ever! I’ve loved him since his time on Gilmore Girls (miss that show). He can now be seen on The Good Wife. He’s not particularly hot….there’s just something about him I like.

6) Leonardo Dicaprio: I remember watching you on Growing Pains. You captured my heart then and never let go. I adore watching you on film. I think you are a cameleon on camera. You are awesome at playing someone else. I couldn’t stop crying when you died in Titanic.

7) Johnny Depp: Even though you keep getting older (and I keep getting younger), I think fondly of you during your 21 Jump Street days. You were so hot. Like really hot!

8) Justin Timberlake: I hate your acting…but you can sing me to sleep anytime. You totally need to bring sexy back!

9) David Beckman: Father. Soccer Player. Hot. Not much else to say.

10) This spot is still free…who should I add?

Who made your list? Would love to hear from you!

Simply Yours,


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