Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Daily Reads

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It’s insane the number of blogs I’m following these days. It’s totally and completely addictive. I used to just follow a few celebrity gossip sites…and then I discovered an entirely different blogging space. Hence the reason I decided to try my hand at one!

Do you remember “Choose Your Own Adventure” books from back when you were a kid? Am I totally dating myself here? Anyhow, when reading you pick the adventure you want the main characters to go on. Every outcome is different. Such a fun read! I wonder if they still write these books.

Moving on…

I feel like blogs are a choose your own adventure. Every blog (or almost every blogger) links to a bunch of other blogs, called their “Blog Roll”. Bloggers tend to follow each other (especially if they have the same interests). It amazes me how I can wittle the hours away clicking through other people’s daily reads. Every day is a new adventure.

I think I counted 36 blogs. That’s 36 blogs that I check regularly for daily reads. Most of them are fashion and beauty related, some are design and others are celebrity focused.

Entertainment at its best. I’d better stop adding to my list or I will never get away from this bloody computer.

Who do you follow? Love to hear from you!

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