Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Love / Hate Relationship with Skinnies

I have a serious love / hate relationship with skinny jeans. Let me tell you why!

The Love

Skinny jeans make your legs look long and lean. This works wonders on vertically challenged girls, like myself.

Skinny jeans come in awesome colours like cobalt blue (which I am now the proud owner of) and red (which I will be sporting immediately after Christmas). Love that!

Photo Courtesy: American Eagle

Photo Courtesy: American Eagle

Skinny jeans tuck into boots. They are also made with stretch material making them that much more comfortable.

The Hate

Skinny jeans bunch on my legs, and crease like crazy.

They come in size O – WTF? That’s not even a size. Look – I like that I am tiny / petite. I am happy to be considered a size 0 – but really – again – that’s not even a size.

So what happens after I buy a size 0 and they still bunch? Do I just start painting the jean on my body – nobody wants to look at my butt crack not even me!

I also don’t like when any pair of jeans or pants, for that matter, are too low (like who invented the super low-rise pant!?!). Nobody wants to look at ass.

So with all that said – I am loving my new pants – hating the creases.

Any tips for getting rid of them? I can’t go down to any smaller size unless I sport nothing or kids clothing (which by the way, won’t fit over my hips).

Your help is appreciated!

Simply Yours,


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