Monday, December 19, 2011

Loser Moves

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Some days I am such a loser – with a capital “L”. Last week was no exception.

After teaching two fitness classes in one day, I came home to beat myself up some more. As I was bending down to put something in the closet (shoes, I think) – I thought it would be a smart idea to open the door – AT THE SAME TIME. Bad idea! Who does that? I think I gave myself a mild concussion to say the least. Seriously – such a loser move.

Needless to say, I had a major goose egg on my forehead for the whole week. It killed to touch it. It throbbed hourly. I’m sure I’ve damaged my brain – some more – that is :) Then I topped the week off with pink eye. Not sure how the two are related – whatever!

Do you ever have days when you do stupid things – like self-inflicted pain? Do you ever say the wrong thing at the wrong time?

I do this too! I call it “FOOT IN MOUTH DISEASE”. The filter in my brain is not always working. I tend to say whatever I think.

I have many examples of this. But here are two scenarios where I demonstrated some more loser style.

I once mistook my friend’s husbands accent to be English. He’s Irish. Don’t ask!?! Loser, much! I understand that Ireland and England can be rivals. I’m such an ass. Her husband was totally cool. My Husband was mortified.

I almost called an x-wife by the new girlfriend’s name the other day at a party. I stopped myself short just in time. My bestie stepped in and reminded me that I already know the name of said x-wife. She saved my bacon (again). She’s had a lifetime of saving my ass. You know I love you :)

This is what happens when you speak and do things before you think. You pull a “Vanessa”. I should really coin that phrase. There are so many times I’ve made an ass out of myself. I can barely remember all my “special” moments.

Care to share any of your loser moves – or are you all too perfect???

Would love to hear from you!

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