Thursday, December 8, 2011

Joe You’re So Fresh

Have you been to Joe Fresh lately? I’m so feeling the Joe Fresh love.

Once a week on my way to teach a fitness class, I stroll through Joe Fresh and dream about all the things I want to own.

I’m so in love with their GOLD sequin stuff right now. I’m trying to convince some of the members in my fitness class to go out and purchase the gold sequin skirt or the shorts.

I don’t have anywhere to wear it. But if you have a holiday party to go to….this is a must!! Drool worthy!

Joe Fresh is also expanding what they carry from jewelry, to make-up and nail polish. It keeps getting better and better.

Joe You’re So Fresh!

Simply Yours,

PS – Go buy the skirt!!! I promise you will be so on trend for this Christmas season.


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