Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Favourites: The Big C

Happy Friday. Christmas is only a week and a bit away…crap…time goes way too fast, non? Are you looking for something great to watch over the holidays? If so, I’ve got a show for you!

The Big C.

This show is awesome. There are 2 seasons available – I’ve watched both. I didn’t know anything about the show before tuning in on Netflix. All I knew was that Laura Linney was starring in it. I love you, Laura Linney. Like – I really love you. She’s such an amazing actress. Oliver Platt is also great in it.

I had a lot of ideas as to what the “C” stood for. Some PG thoughts…some not!

The show centres around Linney’s character who is diagnosed with cancer. Very sad subject matter – yes – but the show manages to find humour in the disease and how it impacts her family.

Each episode is only 30 minutes long, but they all connect together as if you are watching a really long movie. So.Well.Done!

I’ve always wondered what the TV shows I watch say about me as a person. I love dark humour. The more sarcastic the better. My family and I (meaning my dad, brother and I) are so like the Jamison Family in how we deal with tough subject matters. We crack sick jokes – like really sick jokes. We love to laugh off the sadness. Sometimes I feel like I must be deranged because I like programming with dark stories, ie; Dexter, Breaking Bad, Weeds, The Big C, etc…

Everyone has been touched by cancer in some way or another. I think you will all be able to relate to the show. Tune in – Laura Linney is worth it! Remember your box of Kleenex.

See you back here on Monday.

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