Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Damn Duvet

I love the idea of a duvet and the practicality of it all. But really – DAMN DUVET. What is up with you lately?

Duvets are not the easiest of things to put on. I literally have to climb inside of mine to spread out the comforter corners. I look like one of those cats splattered on the back of a window of someone’s car :)

I get the duvet looking so beautiful on the bed – AND THEN – we sleep with it.


The next morning it’s all lopsided and messed up. The comforter no longer in its right corners.


I’ve been scouring the Internet lately to see if anyone has created “Duvet Clips”. Nothing really!?! This is the only thing I can find (not really what I had in mind):

Photo Courtesy: lillianvernon.com

I see a good business idea here. This is what I want to see, clips that attach on the inside corners of the duvet that clip directly to the comforter. This way all should stay in place while you sleep.

Do you have this duvet dilemma? Any magic tricks? Want to go into business with me to create these magic clips? I have a great idea on how this will work – in my head, that is – might not actually work in practice.

If you find yourself face first sprawled out on the bed, flapping your arms like me trying to insert the duvet cover – here’s a video on how to do it quickly and efficiently. (She really makes it look so easy – and it so takes more than 10 seconds!)

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Joy December 15, 2011 at 2:09 pm

Same problem!! Takes me loads of times to make it look great and it’s ruined in about 30 sec!


Barb March 8, 2012 at 6:31 pm

OMG! Found this site when searching ‘duvet clips that really work’! I have tried 2 different designs and neither work that well. Same problem as others, get it looking beautiful, then clips let go after 1 night. Part of my problem is that a ‘King Size’ Duvet does not match up in size with a ‘King Size’ cover. If anyone finds ones that work, and I have tried the ones in the picture above, PLEASE post your idea.


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