Thursday, December 29, 2011

Barbara’s List

Every year around Christmas time since the early nineties, Barbara Walters has come up with her Top 10 Fascinating People of the Year. This year was no different.

Here are Barbara’s Top 10 for 2011. Do you agree?

1) Steve Jobs: Good choice. Why wait until he’s dead to feature him? Not sure…but yes the man was truly brilliant.

2) Simon Cowell: Okay. Not bad – the man is seriously rich. He’s most definitely captured the reality TV (make me a star) market.

3) Eric Stonestreet & Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Lovers on Modern Family. Don’t watch the show – not sure why they are fascinating. I think someone forgot to tell Barbara that’s more than one person.

4) Katy Perry: Why? Because she’s married to a highlariously inappropriate man?

5) The Kardashians: People – we need to get over this family. They are sucking money from our pockets…and they do nothing! Claim to fame – big butts and getting married / divorced in a like a day.

6) Donald Trump: Hasn’t he made the list before? That man is always in the news.

7) Derek Jeter: I don’t get this one. He’s famous for baseball (I guess – if you follow baseball) but more importantly he’s most famous for the actresses he dates, like Minka Kelly. Him and A-Rod – quite the pair.

8) Pippa Middleton: I would have picked her sister. But I get this too. She came out looking so beautiful on the royal wedding day – she could have stole the show. So I understand the publics fascination with her.

9) Herman Cain: Who? Something to do with US politics.

10) Amanda Knox: Am I the only one this bothers? Why are we profiling a friggin’ woman accused of murdering someone and claiming she’s fascinating. I know she was released from prison. I still find it sick – plain and simple.

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