Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baking Soda Miracles

I seem to be talking a lot about home remedies and DIY projects these days. So be it! I say if it works – then why not share.

A while back at a synchro practice, I was complaining that my nails always look yellowish after I take my nail polish off. This is common if you wear nail polish all the time and especially if you wear dark colours.

My girlfriend suggested that I try mixing baking soda and a touch of water, create a paste and smear it on my nail beds. You know me!?! Why not!

So I gave it a try. It works. Thanks for the tip. You can also add a splash of water and lemon juice too as seen on this video.

Speaking of baking soda…have you ever whitened your teeth with it? I’m obsessed with white teeth. I whiten mine once a year without fail with Crest White Strips. They work wonders and I have nice pearly whites!!

After watching the video below, I decided to mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide into a paste. I proceeded to brush my teeth with it. It works! A word to the wise – it tastes NASTY! Don’t SWALLOW. DANGER!

Care to share your baking soda stories and tips??

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