Thursday, November 17, 2011

Silly Arguments

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I have to admit that The Husband and I rarely have BIG blow out fights. From time to time we will disagree on our parenting approaches and that may lead to a huge argument, but truthfully we pretty much agree on the important matters, like health, money, work, the Angels, family, etc…

The one thing The Husband and I are notorious for is having silly unimportant arguments. You know the couple I’m sure – who bicker all the time. That’s us!

Case in point – this morning Chris and I were arguing about the Aeroplan business model. I said I thought they were scammers (I’ll explain in a minute) because the website was down and we couldn’t use our Aeroplan points to get airline tickets. Chris said that would be a stupid business model and no company in their right mind would operate like that.

These are the silly little fights we have with one another – totally and completely – IRRELEVANT. They have absolutely no influence on our well-being. Take note, Chris likes to debate….ABOUT EVERYTHING. Sometimes I don’t even offer up my opinion because if he doesn’t agree, well – he will work his ass off trying to convince me to change my argument.

He should have been on the debate team in high school – he would have kicked some serious ass :) I love him despite this. I love his tenacity – even though he does drive me to drink!

Anyhow, back to the airline ticket story. So we were in the process of buying return airline tickets from Florida (going in March) through Aeroplan points. Just as Chris entered the visa information and hit the submit button, a message popped up on our screen saying the website was down and our request didn’t go through.

No problem – Chris picks up the phone. The lady on the other end can’t help us either because ALL Aeroplan systems were buggered up for some reason, check back later. Okay, we did. Later that morning, we logged in again only to discover that what was going to be 54,000 points had suddenly jumped to 71,000. No joke.

We don’t have 71,000 to use. Figures! So Chris gets on the phone again with a customer service rep who was a complete moron. She basically said the system was never down. Translation – she thinks we were lying. Chris tells her to escalate the conversation to someone who has authority to compensate us. She says that she doesn’t just escalate things because she’s asked.

Chris was on the phone for almost an hour with 2 people who were completely useless. Aeroplan made no attempt to rectify the situation. All we wanted was for them to honour our booking at 54,000. BUT NO!

Long and short, we think they suck! We had to book the tickets and pay for them. Such a pisser! Really!

Now Chris agrees that Aeroplan are scammers. Huh!?! Funny, non?

I’m just saying….

He comes around eventually. Maybe my comment earlier in the day wasn’t so dumb after-all.

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Pat November 18, 2011 at 1:19 pm

I’m having deja vue. We’re living parallel lives!


vanessa November 18, 2011 at 1:37 pm

Ha! Ha!


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