Monday, November 21, 2011

Lunchtime Playdates

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Acouple of weeks ago Angel # 1 insisted on inviting one of our neighbours over for a lunchtime playdate. This little girl goes to the same school as Angel # 1. For some reason, the girls thought it would be fun to meet up at the lunch bell, walk home together, eat lunch and go back to school together.

In theory, yes, this does sound like fun. But in reality – far from it.

Angel # 1 is notorious for taking her sweet ass time leaving the school at lunch bell. She’s always busy making sure everyone else has their crap in order before she makes her exit. Yes – her heart is in the right place. Only problem, we end up waiting for 15 minutes, speed walk home and eat lunch in 10 minutes. We have to do this to get back to school before the bell rings again.

Lunchtime playdates during the school year seem silly. There simply is not enough time to actually enjoy the playdate. It’s rushed and quite frankly, not enjoyable.

Anyhow, I agreed to have this playdate. I’m working on saying YES more often. What a mistake.

Angel # 1 was out of control. I’m not sure if she was showing off for the neighbour or what. But she was telling ridiculous fart jokes. I was so embarrassed. This is the first time the little girl has ever come to our house. Guess what she’s taking away from this playdate and probably telling Mom and Dad !?!


Angel # 1 was not listening, being rude and talking back. I swear she must have taken a hyper pill beforehand.

There was a reason I wasn’t down with the lunchtime playdate stuff. Hence, I’ve yet to arrange another one.

C’est la vie!

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