Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I’m a Genius

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I‘m a genius. Let me tell you why.

The Husband hates Christmas shopping. He hates the crowds, and line-ups. He hates making the decisions on what or what not to buy. He can sometimes be a real buzz kill around Christmas time. Maybe I should start calling him “The Grinch”.

I kid :)

Anyhow, I decided this year to simply his life. I’ve purchased my own Christmas presents. All he has to do is wrap them and put them under the Christmas tree. Oh hell – I know I’ll be wrapping them too. Whatever!

I spoiled myself with new clothing from Forever21. Cheap and cheerful!

Can I tell you? I love shopping from the comfort of my home. I order whatever I want because I know my size (@ Forever21). And, the best part – the store ships it to me the very next day. How convenient.

Only problem – I have these wonderful new pieces to add to my wardrobe and I can’t wear them yet. Such a tease!

I plan on getting the rest of my holiday shopping done before the malls fill up. Some things just can’t be bought online. However, if you don’t shop online, start. Such a hassle free way to shop.

Check back tomorrow to see what I treated myself to.

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