Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Good Eats – Great Ideas

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Are you tired of thinking of meal ideas for your family? God only knows I am! I’m very organized and plan the weekly menu. I shop for all items needed to make delicious and healthy meals for the family. And you know what I get?


The food is never good enough. The Angels HATE the meals I make these days. They think it’s gross, or it’s too spicey. Or – they just don’t like it that day at that particular time!

Go figure! I’m even selecting these meals from kids’ parenting magazines created JUST for kids.

I think my family just want to drive me insane!

I’ve found the best to feed the Angels is to just serve everything up on ONE platter. I make sure to put all the food groups on a platter, knowing that if they only eat 1 or 2 things on the plate, what they’ve put in their mouths is nutritious!

We love eating this way! I learned this from The Husband’s side of the family. We call it NANA lunch, named after his Polish grandmother.

The Angels love choosing for themselves what to eat. Plus, they really only like to eat their veggies raw, with the exception of brussel sprouts & asparagus (although, raw asparagus is pretty awesome!)

I’d love to hear how you cope with the family eating. Any good ideas and time savers for Moms on the go?

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